Choosing accomodation in Manchester

Choosing your accommodation can be as big of a decision as choosing where to study. Afterall, you will most likely call ...

Choosing your accommodation can be as big of a decision as choosing where to study. Afterall, you will most likely call your accommodation home for at least a year. In this blog we’ll cover some of the important questions to consider when deciding on where you want to live, as well the accommodation available to you at UA92.  

What’s your budget?

The most important thing to consider when choosing your accommodation is your budget. How much can you afford to spend on rent, taking into consideration your loans/scholarships, whether you plan to get a part time job, your cost of living etc?  

Housing in Manchester is very affordable, particularly compared to London. In fact, in 2020, Manchester ranked 1st in the UK for student affordability (Natwest Student Living Index), beating Liverpool, Leicester and Birmingham. On average, UA92 students pay between £560 - £820 per month for one-bed UA92 recommended accommodation and £550 - £850 per month for one-bed private accommodation.  

Some costs to consider:  

UA92 one bed accommodation 

£560 - £820 per month 

Private one bed accommodation 

£550 - £850 per month 

Academic year bus pass 


Manchester to London train ticket 

From £25 

Cinema ticket 


Gym membership 

£30 - £50 per month 


Where do you want to live?

While we recommend living close to the campus, you may wish to live in a different area of the city based on work, family, or sports commitments. UA92’s educational approach encourages students to develop their talents and passions off campus as well as in the classroom, through our innovative Target Talent Curriculum, and this includes where you choose to live.  

Working in conjunction with our partner Manchester Apartments, we have two stunning accommodation options for UA92 students in close proximity to the campus: Academy Apartments and Westpoint. Academy Apartments is located directly opposite the UA92 campus and Westpoint is a 10-15 minute walk away from campus.  

UA92-room1-20210728UA92-room3-20210728 UA92-room2-20210728

Check out this list of all the different areas to live in Manchester 

Who do you want to live with?  

Many students chose to share accommodation with others, as this is a great way to fully immerse yourself in the university experience and make friends. Private shared accommodation may suit you best if this is your preference. Most private student accommodation consists of two – four (although sometimes more) bedrooms, a shared kitchen, bathroom, and possibly a shared living space. Some accommodation may have multiple bathrooms. Websites such as Spareroom and Ideal Flatmate are useful tools for finding like-minded people to live with, and there are several Facebook groups dedicated to house-shares in the city.  

If you prefer to have your own space, UA92’s recommended accommodation consists of a mix of studio and one bed apartments. In these modern, fully furnished flats/studios, you will have your own bedroom space, kitchen, and bathroom. Residents at Westpoint will benefit from access to a private on-site gym and communal space. In both accommodation options you will have your own private apartment with a kitchen, en-suite and shared laundry room facilities.  

Tour of UA92’s apartments  

If you want to learn more about UA92’s recommended accommodation offering, check out this tour of Academy Apartments with Gary Neville.  


Learn more about you accommodation options, including how to apply:  

View Accommodation



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