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UA92 takes a bold, innovate approach to education. The Talent Target Curriculum is built around the ethos that made the ...

UA92 takes a bold, innovate approach to education. The Talent Target Curriculum is built around the ethos that made the Class of 92 successful, both on and off the pitch, in order to help you develop the life skills necessary to succeed. We chatted to UA92 Global Director/Principal Sarah Toledo to discuss this unique approach to learning and what you can look forward to on campus.


Unlike other schools which tend to solely focus on academic success, UA92 takes a more holistic approach to learning, with a keen focus on getting you prepared for your target industry. One of the key ways this is achieved is by pairing each student with a personal development coach, who will work with you all throughout your time at UA92.

“Students only study four days a week formally and will either be morning or afternoon students. This is then their timetable for the whole year. This structure really gives students the opportunity to balance family, work, hobbies or sports because after all, it's an institution based on ambition and excellence. UA92 is built on an ethos of these footballing legends who have had really successful careers, not just because they were talented athletes, but because of their hard work, resilience, and work ethic. Our aim is to help our students achieve their goals in a similar way,” explains Sarah.

As well as always having Wednesday's free and studying in 4-hour blocks, each term focuses on only one topic to allow you to become fully immersed in the subject and gain a deeper understanding. This differs from most other universities, where students study several topics per semester for the whole year. There are no big assessments at the end of each semester, instead you’ll prove your knowledge of the topic as you learn. “It's very much about being assessed on all the content you are studying as opposed to a final exam that might test you on, for example, 10% of what you've studied. It’s a really immersive way of studying,” explains Sarah.

The curriculum for each topic is created with job readiness at its core and often with the help and guidance of industry leaders themselves. “We’re heavily engaged with our partners and some incredibly exciting companies have come onboard, even to the point where Microsoft has its flagship office space on the campus,” says Sarah, “They are designing the curriculum to make sure that the students who are graduating are graduating with the skills to be successful, as opposed to just learning from a textbook.”

Finally, the Talent Target Curriculum emphasises the importance of self-reflection and self-evaluation for personal development and professional growth. You’ll be encouraged to examine your own performance within a subject and evaluate your strengths as well as the areas you need to improve. “It’s about developing things like cognitive, emotional and social intelligence and problem solving,” Sarah says.

“Placements are incorporated throughout study, because what better way is there to learn than on the job. But in order to learn from this real-world experience, you need to reflect on how you performed. That is very much what the focus is on, reflective work in real world scenarios.”


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