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While we’re excited to welcome as many students as possible to our lively campus in Manchester, we know that some of ...

While we’re excited to welcome as many students as possible to our lively campus in Manchester, we know that some of our new students are starting the block remotely. As well as this, we encourage our students to be proactive in your learning by doing self-study outside of class time. In fact, we give students an entire day each week free of classes that you can use for self-study.  

So, whether you’re joining us remotely or just looking to improve your self-study skills, here are our top tips for online learning:  UA92-Blog-Jan-baborak-20220112

Make sure all your tech is set up 

First things first, make sure you have everything you need to access your online learning. Work somewhere with a secure Wi-Fi connection to make sure you don’t lose access during your lectures or mid-study. If you’re joining a lecture remotely, test that your webcam and microphone is working before you log in, so you don’t waste time during class.  

Minimise distractions  

During independent study, you might find yourself getting distracted without your teachers to keep you focused. So before you start, try to minimise some of the distractions around you. Put your phone in another room, turn the TV off, and let your family or housemates know that you’re focusing on your studies for a while. This way, you’ll get much more work done in a shorter period and won’t need to drag your study sessions out for longer than is productive.  

Find a quiet environment  

On a similar note, try to find a peaceful space where you can focus on your studies. This is particularly important if you’re tuning in to a remote lecture or class. Not only do you need to be able to hear and keep up with your teacher, but you should ensure that nothing happening in your environment might distract other students. Try to find a room where you can be alone or undisturbed while you study, with minimal background noise. Make sure you keep your microphone on mute when you aren’t speaking to your teacher or classmates.  

Take scheduled breaks 

Schedule in plenty of break where you step away from your screen and stretch your legs. These will help you be more focused and productive during your studies. It will make it easier to minimise distractions, like looking at your phone, if you know you have planned in time to take breaks. If you’re joining remotely, try taking a 5–10-minute break between each class, or a break of a similar length every hour if you’re doing self-study.  

Speak up!  

Make sure you ask questions and engage in discussions just as you would if you were attending classes in person. In-class engagement is a great way to ensure you fully understand what’s being discussed and to further expand your knowledge. Wait until your teacher is ready to take comments, then turn off mute and get involved!  

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